Saint Paul’s Choir School

Cambridge, MA

Starry Night: Christmas in Harvard Square

A Christmas concert featuring the boys of Saint Paul's Choir School

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Dianne Flaherty

How do I watch Starry Night: Christmas in Harvard Square on my television?


If you do not have a device (such as a smartphone or tablet) that can screencast what it is playing onto your television, you can still watch on your SmartTV, Fire, Roku, etc. – anything that has the YouTube app.

Following the instructions attached here: Watch on TV


Why Starry Night?


Starry Night: Christmas in Harvard Square delivers 15 stunning works that conjure imagery paralleled in Van Gogh’s masterpiece, painted in Southern France in 1889 – glorious swirling music enlightened by a night sky of glistening voices heralded by the light of illuminated stars. Van Gogh himself once wrote “But the sight of the stars always makes me dream,” and here, The Choir of Men and Boys bring their finest performances, in full voice and “more alive and richly colored than the day” (Van Gogh).


What precautions did you do to ensure the health and safety for the choir during recording?


Saint Paul’s Choir School took the following precautions to maintain the health of its students and performers:

Consulted with engineers about the air quality and flow within the Church.

Purchased specialized singing masks that were used in the choristers’ daily rehearsals.

Used localized HEPA and ultraviolet air cleaners during breaks in the recording session.

Conducted COVID tests on all participants prior to the recording session (all tested negative).

Students rehearsed with masks on for the blocking rehearsal.

During the recording session, all participants wore masks except during the actual singing sessions.

Between the live takes of the recording (e.g., when the concert action and the cameras were not live) students and performers put their masks back on and relaxed at a distance

During breaks, participants were socially distanced or went outdoors.

Conducted COVID tests on all school personnel and choristers after the holidays (again all tested negative)

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May the Choir be blessed by the Holy Spirit!
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I've heard great things about the concert!

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