Saint Paul’s Choir School

Cambridge, MA

Starry Night: Christmas in Harvard Square

A Christmas concert featuring the boys of Saint Paul's Choir School

Dianne Flaherty

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A Paul Cravedi
Adrienne Albani
In honor of My nephew Philip Chamian
So proud of you Philip! Thank you for sharing your gift of music and song! Love, Auntie
Alan o'driscoll
Alison Scherer
Allen Pierce
Andrea Muñoz
Andrew Griswold
In memory of Bill McIvor
Miss the tradition of in-person Christmas concerts, but confident we will be back next year!
Angela Jones
In memory of Chip Piatti
Thank you, Choir School, continue to inspire!
Angela MacDaniel
Anita DeVito
Ann Donovan
Ann Keenan
In honor of Hubert G. Keenan
Ann Philbin
Ann Purcell
AnnMarie Staunton
In honor of Celia A. Staunton
Keep up the good work Philip Chamian!
Anna Clark
In honor of Anthony Clark
Arthur Cody
I'll miss the annual Christmas concert at St Paul's, but this is a wonderful substitute. Thank you for all you do. Blessings.
Augustin Saucan
Barb Boedges
May God bless your Christmas as much as “Starry Night” will bless mine!!
Barbara Connelly
Barbara Dimento
So proud of everyone involved, special love to James Keough from the NATICK cousins
Barbara Fay
Barbara Trowbridge
Barbara Weidlich
Barbara Yeoman
God Bless The Boys And The Staff at BACS!
Barry Furze
Beth Dowd
Beth Wolf
Beverly Haynes
Bill Sheehan
Bill and Laura Montgomery
Brian Kingston
In honor of Kathleen Lawlor
Brian Talay
Bridget Maricich
Thank you for all the tremendous hard work to keep the boys in school and singing! -Maricich Family
Candice Hopkins
How beautiful it is to hear your beautiful voices raised to the Lord!
Carla Villanueva
Carlos Fernández del Castillo
Carol Fee
Carol L Magee
Carole Smith
Caroline Haley
In honor of Frau Professor
Carolyn A White
In honor of H James White
Congratulations boys! The preview is wonderful. I’m looking forward to the concert this evening. You Go Guys! Great things will come from you all!
Carrie Bradley
Merry Christmas!
Catharine Newick
Catherine Barilleaux
In honor of the Saint Paul’s Choir School community! Merry Christmas!!
Catherine M Devaney
I am so happy
Catherine ONeill
Changgang Lou
Changgang Lou
Deepest appreciation to all the SPCS faculty and staff for the wonderful music and another year of unparalleled education to all the boys despite of all the difficulties. Merry Christmas!
Charles Morris
Charles and Constance Gagnebin
Charlie and Christine Nichols
Chip Paterson
Chris Hall
Christian Gretschel
Christine Ellerbrock
In honor of Martin Ellerbrock
Christine Sousa
Christopher Wong
Clifford Hurley
Have attended several years as a guest. Beautifully done every time, thank you all for your effort.
Colin Lapus
In honor of John Robinson
Copper Alvarez
In honor of Elizabeth Chladil
Cornelia Cremens
In honor of Agnes Cremens
Cw Kaiser
Always a great pleasure to hear the performance
Cynthia Loynd
Daniel & Patricia Rebeor
Daniel Alvarez
David & Denise DiMarzio
David Nye
David Paz
David Witherill
Keep up the good work and thanks for brightening our season!
Deb Chamian
In honor of Philip - class of 2022
Debby & David DeAngelis
In honor of Arthur Cody
Deirdre Robbins
The beautiful sound of the St. Paul's choir brings me back to days when I lived in England and heard the very best men and boys' choirs. St. Paul's is definitely up there.
Denise Blase
In honor of Thomas Celano
Good luck Thomas Celano!
Dennis Leonard
Merry Christmas
Diane Monaghan
Dimitrios Halikias
Dorothy Buck
In honor of Chip Piatti
Dotte OBrien
Douglass Lee
Dr. Robert Rioseco
In honor of Men’’s Schola 85-87
Thanks for bringing Christmas home for many in a very trying time. +
Dustin Rabideau
Elaine Trever
Elizabeth Chladil
In memory of Diane Chladil
Elizabeth Joyce
In memory of Monsignor Dennis Sheehan
Great to see the wonderful music continuing!!
Elizabeth Trujillo
Elke U. O'Donnell
Ellen Harrington
In honor of John M. Harrington, Jr. and Ellen Patricia White Harrington
Ellen M. Harrington
Ellen Mak
Ellen Walsh
Emily Nohrden
Emmalyn Towne
Eric Maurer
In honor of Mrs. Theresa Maurer
Merry Christmas to my mother, a true giving tree!
Evan & Allison Patton
Fino Celano
Flaherty Family
Thank you for the music!
Florence Keefe
In honor of Thank you for this beautiful concert and all the hard work. Bravo!
Frank Orban
In memory of Arthur & Lorraine Gaudreau
Humanity (in particular, our country) needs more education systems like this. Keep up the good work and God bless.
Gail McHugh
Gail Mulligan
George Bard
In honor of Fran O’Donell
Gerard Fisher
In memory of Judy Fisher
Gerard Jacobitz
Girard and Catherine Gover
Thank you for all you do!
Gloria Benito
In honor of Michael Connelly
In honot of my grandnephew Michael Connelly who continues to amaze us. We are so proud of you Michael!!
Grace Campia
Grace Hebard
Grace Peters
Gregg Willett
Gwen Johnson
In honor of Elizabeth Chladil
Haley Shaw
Hankum Park
Hannah Olivet
In honor of Atticus Olivet
Harold Stover
Heather Mehdi
Merry Christmas to the Saint Paul’s family!
Henk Schoot
Howard Ying
Hugh Dougherty
The recording reflects so well on the boys and their school!
Jack Clark
James Beardsworth
James Capuzzi
In memory of Chip
James Keough
So looking forward to this.
Jan Delaney
Jane Pulkkinen
Janet Hayes
Janet Kiah
Our son Tim a former student. Mr. Marier loved him.
Jasiu Kotecki
In memory of Prof. Francesco Piatti
Jeanne & John Keenan
Jeffrey von Arx, S.J.
Jeri Rank
In honor of Doris E. Stullich and Arthur E. Stullich
Looks wonderful and will be such a blessing and balm to the soul!
Jim and Mary Ellen Marino
In honor of We are grateful to SPCS for providing in-person learning for students. The academic and musical excellence continues, steeped in faith. Bravo to the faculty, staff, and students!
Excellence continues!
Joanna Werne
Thank you for this glorious music. Thanks for being a great!
Joanne Klys
Joanne Schrynemakers
In honor of Donald Clark grandfather of Anthony Clark
Jocelyn Allen
In honor of F Donald Logan
Saint Paul's Choir Christmas Concerts have been a sentimental part of my traditional holiday celebration with my friend Donald for years. Thank you for offering us this jubilant and exquisite experience once again.
Joe & Janice Celano
We look forward to the SPCS Christmas concert every year! We are so pleased that there is one this year, given the circumstances! Thank you to the boys, their parents, and all who have made this possible! Merry Christmas!
Joe Faris & Accountalent
Joel Pettit
John Danello
John Fleming
John Haluck
John Perna
John Stanley
Jon Ryan
Jonell Day Kenagu
In honor of Xavier Maricich
Thank you for providing loving spiritual environment.
Joseph Dinsmore
Joseph J Plaud
Joseph Lee
In honor of Robert "Bobby" Lee
Thank you for invoking Christmas spirit every year!
Joseph Nancy Chladil
In honor of Elizabeth Chladil Piano & Music Staff
Music training is a life long skill I and my three children are enjoying. So I wish to share the opportunity with other children.
Joseph Poles
Joseph Siegel
In honor of Francis and Marie Siegel
Josie Yanguas
Judith Schenck
Judith Shaw
Julia Monaco
Looking forward to this!!
Julie Andrus
In honor of Deceased relatives
Merry Christmas Barilleaux Family! Proud of you G!
Kara Clark
In memory of Addie Lawyer
We love being a part of this very special school.
Karen Celano
In honor of Thomas Celano, '21
Karen Donnellan
Karen Esperanza
Karyl Condit
Kathleen Keating
Thank you for this joyous event and all your are doing at your school to bring joy to the world during Christmas
Kathleen Nopper
In memory of Chip Piatti
Keri Macero
Kevin Limanta
Kim Rice
Kira Halak
Can't wait to hear all the good Christmas cheer!
LIZ Goodfellow Zagoroff
Laura Clark
In honor of Anthony Clark
Laura Conti
In memory of Mary Ann Wells
Keep singing, G!
Laura Fox
Greetings from Switzerland! I miss you all!
Laura Garcia
In honor of all our children
Lauren Fetten
Leigh Beisch
In honor of June Beisch
Lisa Leuchte
Madeleine Truax
Maks Adach
In honor of the choristers and chorus for all their hard work
Malia Ott
In memory of Nogu
Having recently moved to Savannah, we couldnʻt be happier to be able to enjoy your Christmas Concert from afar!
Marc & Rebecca Migliazzo
Marcia Fitzpatrick
In memory of Auntie Mary who loved Christmas
Margaret Casey-Mederios
In honor of Patrick Joseph Casey
Marguerite Davoren
Maria D'Orsi
Maria Fitzpatrick
In honor of Beloved departed family.
Maria G Borges Acuna
This year 2020, is the first time in the last ... I don’t remember how many years! That I missed your beautiful Christmas concert because of Covid. I pray that you are all healthy and enjoying this peaceful Christmas time. May GOD bless you and let’s keep the faith that we’ll be together next year.
Maria da Costa
Marialyce Haferd
In honor of Sebastian - so proud of you
What a wonderful way to celebrate Advent & prepare for Christmas - looking forward to the concert
Marianne Saccardi
Marianne Staid
Marie Figueroa
Marie MacNeil
Marie Searson
Marisa O'Boyle
Mariya Manzhos
Mark & Barbara Poliks
We are looking forward to the concert! Thank you for the wonderful music.
Mark Brown & Kraig Kissinger
In honor of Richard J. Clark
Mark Morales
Mark Sullivan
Merry Christmas! Have loved the choir for many years. Thank you for keeping alive this beautiful tradition.
Mark and Sophie LeGolvan
Martha Collins
Martha Julia Sellers
Martha and Dennis Hultzman
Mary Anm Madewell
In honor of James A Madewell
Uplifting, a taste of heaven for an 84 year old n6ursing home resiident Thank your choir for me.
Mary Ann Hayes
In honor of Christopher Lent
Mary Bourque
Music unifies and inspires!
Mary Bourque
Mary Campfield
This is the kind of music which I long to hear at Christmas!I
Mary Catherine Crowley
Mary Dutkiewicz
In honor of Peg and Jack Malloy
Mary Hendry
Mary Hintlian
Mary Jane Belt
Mary Lynn Devine
In memory of Those who have died this year
Matthew Doyle
Maura Doyle
Maureen Davison
Maureen Gretschel
We’re so looking forward to your concert!!!
Maureen Yamartino
In honor of Zyan Mehdi
Merry Christmas!
Meg Kennedy
In honor of Artie Johnston & Robbie Redmond
Melody Mak-Jurkauskas
Michael Gorham
In honor of Theodore Marier
Michael Hegarty
Michael Melley
Michael OKeeffe
Congratulations to Thomas Celano from the O'Keeffe family!
Michael Smith
Michael and Kelly Chladil
In honor of Elizabeth Chladil
Michele Durso
In honor of Family of Michael Connelly
Mila Grady
Mimsie Cieciuch
In memory of Ronald Cieciuch
I am looking forward to another wonderful Christmas concert even though it will be very different this year. Good luck!
Mindi Connelly
In honor of Malini Mayerhauser
Monica Pacheco-Tougas
Myriam Efstathiou
Nancy & Mark Terison
In honor of James Kennerley
Nancy Hemstreet Eaton
Nancy Lynn Goldberg
Nancy S Soward
Natalie Valpiani
Nina Herrera
Keep singing!
Norma Bolduc
In honor of Norma Bolduc
Pamela Morris
Patricia Hennessy
Patrick Fiorillo
Paul Haley
Paul Lewon
Paul McNamara
In memory of Sharon G. Gallagher
Peter Barzdines
Peter and Sheila Steketee
Phil Johnson
Philip Basile
Ralph Nichols
Ramona Pelich
Ramz Bishtawi
In honor of Antoinette Flouty
Keep it up!
Randolph Nichols
Raney Aronson
Thank you for your wonderful school!
Reagan Mahoney
Rebecca Chamian Ribaudo
Regina Cullen
Thank you for bringing holiday joy through the beauty of your voices !
Regina Whiteman
Rich Czerwinski
Richard Anderson
Richard Jones
Robert Knott
Robert LeBlanc
Robert Mccarron
Robert Quinlan
Please support this wonderful boys' choir school
Robert Suh
Roberta Aranha
In honor of Lucas Carvalho
I’m very proud to be part of the Saint Paul’s family! The school and the choir changed my son’s live!
Robin Wilkerson
Rong Chen
Rosalind Mohnsen
In honor of Flossie Dunn
Rosemary McKeever
Rosemary Powers
Rusty Stieff
Ryan & Marilyn Barilleaux
In honor of All Choir School Alumni and their families
Saleh Daher, CFA
Samuel ONeill
Sandy Schmid
In honor of Zyan Mehdi
Sara Geoffrion
In memory of ?
Sarah Bellott
Scott Wahle
Severina Camorongan
In memory of Felipe & Brigida Dimalanta
Shanna Oconnor
Shannon Mahoney
Shay Garofalo
Sheila Donahue
Shirley Stanley
In honor of William Henry Stanley
Smith Family
In honor of Ms Amburn, 4th Grade Teacher, for her kind heart and perceptive intelligence; Mr Kennerley, for believing in our boys' capacity for greatness, Nurse Anneliese, for keeping us all safe and Mr Adach, for putting up with any shenanigans.
Thank you to Saint Paul's Choir School for making our Christmas merry!
Staci-Jill Burnley
In honor of Thomas Celano (student)
So proud of my great-nephew, Thomas Celano, who is a choir member!
Stephanie Best
Stephanie Cowell
Stephen Famiglietti
Thank you for keeping us joyful this season. Best wishes.
Stephen Kelly
Keep singing!
Susan Cormier
Susan D'Arcangelo
Susan Enright
Susanne Smith
Suzanne Minutoli
In honor of Thomas Celano ‘21
Tarek Abu Hussein
The Carnell Family
In memory of Charles & Marylynn Carnell and Jacqueline White
Always enjoy the Choirs of St Pauls. Have missed all the Beautiful Music this past year!
The Chasse Family
Have a Blessed Christmas!
The Why Family
Theresa Maurer
In honor of In memory of Teresa O'Connor
Theresa Michalski
Thomas & Rose Haferd
In honor of In honor of Jane Laube and Robert Bils
Appreciate all St. Paul's has done for Sebastian - thank you!
Thomas Atkins
Thomas Owen
Thomas Smith
Thomas Spellman
Thomas Valengavich
In memory of Leanne Valengavich
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Tim Connors
Tim Moran and Jen Kordell
Tom Coyne
Uncle of Christopher
Sorry this won’t be performed live. Please keep singing!
Vinton Wong
Virginio Chiodini
Vitaly Wirthl
May the Choir be blessed by the Holy Spirit!
Wanda Adach
Warren Hutchinson
William Fagan
William Kelly
In memory of Theodore Marier and Rita Waldron
Worth all the support and prayers we can offer!
William Stanley
In memory of William Henry Stanley
Congratulations to a fine group of young men! Keep up the good work! Merry Christmas to all!
Winnie Ip
In honor of Mrs. Ip
Barbara mullin rosiello
Bill haferd
Exceptional effort to bring joy to our holidays at a time we can not celebrate together, thanks
Judy beatrice
In memory of The Parks Family
Judy beatrice
In memory of The Parks Family
Thank you for your continued sharing of your voices and joyful songs!
Kathleen masucci
In honor of Joe Casey
Marie Dahleh
Mary morrison
We had been looking forward to attending the concert in person but am grateful for this alternative.
Polly scannell
Rochelle Shokoti
In honor of Josephine DeRosa
May God bless and prosper and protect Saint Paul's Choir school and it's choir boys. Well done
Sebastian haferd
Sebastian haferd
good job
Steve waite
Susan fanno
Merry Christmas to St Paul’s and the Choir School!
Thank you
Exquisite voices! Thank you for the gift of your Christmas Concert!
In honor of Philip Chamian
Thank you for having the online concert so we can enjoy the Boys Choir under these circumstances.
To sing is to pray twice...
Thank you for your fantastic music program! Merry Christmas!
This school and the Christmas musical performances are the source for hope and inspiration of better days ahead.
In honor of Dr. Michael Lescault
In honor of Brian Crowley and team
Thanks to Brian Crowley and team for their amazing work in recording and putting together the videos of this magnificent concert! They are truly stellar and a ray of hope in these challenging times!
Love the music!!
In memory of Dr. Nicasio Gutierrez, Sr.
May Our Lord bless the SPCS boys and community always!
We are so grateful for these beautiful voices and wonderful SPCS!
Congratulations on all your hard work during these difficult times.
In honor of Anna Tse’s twin sister :)
Wonderful concert - thank you to all involved
Good job. Easy to help,
Thank you for all this amazing holiday experience.
Keep up the good work!
Well done!
Praise the Lord!
Thank you and Merry Christmas!
I've heard great things about the concert!

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